The Hate U Give And Portrayal Of The Racial And Systematic Injustices

Injustice against minorities has been a problem for decades. These issues are what I look for in books. The Hate U Give is a fiction novel that portrays the systematic and racial inequalities African Americans face today. Starr Carter, a young African American teenager, is the main character in the book. She witnessed Khalil being shot by police after he mistakenly thought he was carrying a gun. She now feels pressured by all sides because her friend’s death was a catalyst for protesting racial inequality in the community. Starr felt obliged to be the witness. She was not prepared. Starr had to face her fears and fight for what she believes in. Although racism is a controversial topic, some critics will not be pleased with the story’s content. However, many people will enjoy the character’s family support system and the display of bravery throughout the novel. The Hate U Give is an excellent novel. It features a relatable protagonist who overcomes many obstacles and offers a perspective about American racism. My favorite aspect of the book was its relatability, despite her background or ethnicity. Starr had to choose between her school and home life in the book. Williamson Prep is a predominantly black private school. However, Starr resides in Garden Heights which is a predominantly African American, poor neighborhood. Starr mentions being “preppy Starr” in the book. She feels like she cannot be herself around people who are black because she doesn’t have the same wealth as her peers. The character is a mirror of me because I’m an African American. I have always felt like I had a responsibility to make friends with people of my same race and to show respect to others. Her family dynamics are also very relatable to me. The novel portrays a real family dynamic and shows that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make their lives better. Through her struggles with her private and public life, The Hate U give maintains a relatable character. She also stands up for the things she believes in while still having the support of her family. This novel’s second strength is its portrayal of systematic racism in America.

Starr interprets the events in this book through her eyes. It shows how the media portrays young black men like they are guilty until proven innocent. Starr is willing to confront a system she believes is wrong. Starr has a fear of speaking up and she doesn’t want to be silenced. Khalil could be accused of being a victim to gang violence if she refuses to speak up. The media reported that Khalil might have been a member of a gang. This information convinced the community and the media that Khalil was innocently killed. Additionally, the officer who was responsible for the shooting did not allow the media to discuss his innocence. To protect him from media attention, they allowed a relative of the shooting victim to take part. The Hate Ugive is a comprehensive look at American racism. In order to justify Khalil’s death, the media portray Khalil in negative terms. The media also shields the officer who carried out the shooting. The Hate U Give remains a memorable novel due to its relatable protagonist, and realistic situation. Melina Abdullah & Patrisse Khawaja-Cullors may disagree that the book was motivated by black lives matters.

Los Angeles Sentinel says the book “makes Black people responsible for oppression.” I disagree. Khalil was unarmed, and a police officer had already issued a judgment against him. Further, I believe that there is a bias in the justice systems which allows unarmed shootings to unarmed black men go unpunished. Racial bias means that African American men are often sentenced more than other races for the same crime. People are able to protest against injustice because they know that the justice system can be unreliable. The Los Angeles Sentinel might challenge my view by insisting this book is not Black Lives Matter, but I believe it is. The Black Lives Matter Movement is the motivation behind this book, which I believe examines systematic racism.

The Hate Ugive is a compelling narrative. It features a relatable young African American girl who conquers all obstacles. It also reveals America’s systemic racism. The book shares the experiences of African Americans with everyone, regardless of race or age. Thomas’s portrayal of some of the challenges faced by African Americans is a good example of this. The Hate Ugive will always be a great fiction novel. It offers a unique perspective on racism in America.

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