A Theme Of Motivation In Flowers For Algernon By Daniel Keyes

Flowers for Algernon is a book by Daniel Keyes that suggests that you should put your motivation with the goal in mind. Charlie faced three main stages in his life to reach his goal. He was told the story when he was first introduced to the experiment. However, he was not able to visualize the outcome and began to lose his intelligence. Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keys, show that Charlie’s motivations were to be smart. He strives to exceed the expectations of scientists and this is what led him to Flowers for Algernon.

Charlie is driven by his desire to learn and is open to doing anything to reach that goal. The book’s first chapter contains three key quotes that demonstrate Charlie’s enthusiasm. “Miss Kinnian believes they might be able to make me smart,” is Charlie’s first quote. Charlie says he wants to become smart. His enthusiasm and openness to learning gives him the energy to continue his quest to become smart. Charlie stated that he wanted to be smart, and this is the second reason he said it. Charlie’s last quote from “retarded” was that of Charlie: “I just want be smart like other people so I can have lots and lots of frends.” This is a phrase his co-workers used to explain the meaning of doing something stupid. He was also carefree at that stage and didn’t want anyone to judge him. He was simply happy and enjoying life. You can be happier or sadder if your intelligence is lower. Charlie discovered the truth about his peers’ intelligence and the true abilities of doctors as he grew more intelligent. Charlie thought scientists were a highly intelligent person who knew all there was to know. He soon realized this and began to get angry. Professor Nemur treated Charlie less like a human being than an object after the experiment was publicized. Charlie finally responds by saying, “I wasn’t a person before this operation.” This means that Charlie now knows the absurdity of what people do to him, as he didn’t know any better before. Charlie became drunk in the fays’ apartment and learned that scientists never got rid of Charlie. Instead, they just pushed Charlie back to the side. Charlie said that even though the operation was successful, Charlie still had Charlie. Charlie’s intelligence was increasing, and he began to have anger attacks. These are due to his frustration at the fact that he has had so many heartbreaking realizations.

Charlie was not able to weep when his intelligence began to drop. However, he did use it as motivation and completed his report so that the scientists could learn from his experience. Charlie was shocked to learn that his intelligence was dropping faster than expected. Charlie had to take some time to absorb the news about his intelligence being reduced. His intelligence is not worth the risk. Charlie thought about the future and the ways he could lose it all. Charlie lost all of his intelligence and love, as well as his sister and new relationship. However, he remembered one thing. Charlie’s intelligence was deteriorating and he felt more at peace when it lost.

Charlie’s Birthday

After his motivation was realized, Charlie realized that not all things are necessary or desirable.

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