Different Examples Of “Freedom Is Never Given It Must Be Demanded” In Books

“Freedom must not be given freely by the oppressor. It is important to remember that freedom cannot be obtained by being a good fighter. It is impossible to attain equality and freedom without exerting effort. Freedom and equality are not granted, but must be fought for.

Martin Luther King’s speech entitled “I Have A Dream” demanded equality and freedom even though it had been promised. This proves that it is not possible to grant it. Martin, for instance, states that after he has explained the situation to his people, he will cash the check. It will pay him the riches of liberty and the security and justice he seeks. 48,49 Martin Luther is demanding equality and freedom for all Negroes. He wants to get the check he owes but has not been given. He says that the Negroes are not entitled to “the riches and security in freedom and justice.” Therefore, he, the American representative for the Negroes, demands what they were promised. Martin also warns everyone that the “whirlwinds” of rebellion will continue to shake the foundations until justice is found. 49) This indicates that they are determined to have equality and freedom. They will even cause riots for what they get. Martin wants everyone to know that equality and freedom are as important as money to the Negroes and that they will be demanding what is theirs. Martin ends his talk by saying that he dreams that one day the nation will realize that freedom and equality are just as important to them as their money. 50) Despite America declaring that all men were equal, equality was not actually possible. These were words and not actions. Martin believes that America’s dreams of “living out its true meaning” of the creed will become a reality now that Martin has spoken out and demanded equality and freedom for his people. The Negroes are unable to demand equality and freedom for their people. This is why Martin believes his dreams of America being able to live up to its true meaning will become a reality. Sanaz wraps her large gold earrings in a scarf and black robe as she leaves her house. To hide her nail varnish, she… put on thin, lacy-black gloves.” (pg. 82) This tells us that her new law has forced her to hide the small pleasures she enjoys. She must cover her expressive accessories and clothing with dull black clothes. This will take away the simple pleasures of dressing up. The freedom she should enjoy is not what she should show off. As another example, women who break the rules are taken to jail, flogged or fined. 83) Despite being humiliated and tortured by the Iranian women, they continued to rebel against their oppressors in secret to send a message of resistance. They could not suppress their need for freedom, even though it was against the regulations. Freedom is a fundamental part of living a fulfilling life. Freedom is not something that can be granted. It can be easily taken away.

While some may disagree, or argue that equality and freedom are always ours, others will claim otherwise. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird demonstrates how freedom and equality can never be freely given. 315, 323) This shows that Atticus did everything he could to help Tom get the freedom he deserved. Even though the Negroes were already declared free, they were still treated differently and discriminated against daily. It doesn’t mean they are entitled to freedom. Jem and Atticus then discuss why Tom Robinson lost. Atticus states that when it’s a man of color speaking against another man of color, the white man always wins. They’re ugly, they’re the facts of living.” (pg. 295) This quote demonstrates how equality and freedom were granted. You might lose in certain situations, regardless of how hard you tried. As time goes on, though, people will begin to realize the importance of equality and freedom. Ironically, freedom can be very costly and requires a lot more effort. However, it is worth the effort.

Reading Lolita, To Kill a Mockingbird and I Have A Dream are three examples of people who have fought for equality and freedom, even though they know it won’t be granted. People are suffering all over the globe from the loss or equality and the suffocation they feel. Millions are losing their rights to freedom and justice, and have no choice except to fight for them. Freedom is not always free. The people in power will not give up their control. You don’t have to give up your dreams of equality or freedom. It is worth the effort.


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Ross Saunders is an educational blogger and professor, who has written extensively on topics such as education reform, online learning, and assessment. He has also spoken on the topic at various conferences and universities.

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